We aim to improve the education, health and welfare of disadvantaged people and communities worldwide.

SOS Children’s Villages

“SOS Children is the world’s largest orphan and abandoned children’s charity. Our vision is “a loving home for every child” and we think our approach is the best for children and child sponsors alike. Child sponsors and donors worldwide provide a new family and home for more than 78,000 children in over 500 countries. Our supporters also help a million children and their families through our programmes in the surrounding communities.”

News from SOS Children


East Africa Food Crisis Appeal:

In 2011 the horn of Africa was hit by the worst drought in 60 years, which left more than 11 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and the newly formed Republic of South Sudan in urgent need of food, water and emergency health care. SOS Children were already established with permanent facilities in the area. They set up an emergency relief programme to help. Read more here:


Haiti Update:

The earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2012 claimed the lives of more than 230,000 people and impacted three million others, displacing and injuring those living in the affected areas. SOS Children has been working in Haiti since 1978, and with some donations from Quintessentially Foundation have aided in reconstruction work in Port au Prince during the aftermath of this devastating earthquake. Despite the progress that has been made in rebuilding and revitalising Haiti, “…the country remains closer to a state of emergency and not close enough to a path of stability and a future that offers opportunities. In 2011, SOS Children’s Villages helped to address the problem and began constructing new schools and expanded long-term social programmes for children and families.”

To read more about SOS Children’s work in Haiti and how you can help, visit: http://www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/donate/earthquake-orphans-haiti

Letter of Thanks from SOS Children for The Haiti Appeal

Chipata, Zambia:

“In Chipata families are falling apart. Family breakdown and child abandonment are huge problems. One in six of all children are orphans, compared to one in 12 in the wider Zambian population. HIV/AIDS also has a devastating effect on local families.” Seeing the great need for their facilities, SOS Children established the new Chipata Children’s Village at the end of 2010 and is hoping to complete construction by mid-2012. SOS Children’s Village Chipata will include a nursery, medical centre, and 13 family homes, with a mobile medical unit and local community school at hand to provide those living in the village with an education and medical care. Quintessentially Foundation is proud to have been a part of the fundraising process that made Chipata Children’s Village possible.

For more updates on Chipata Village, visit: www.soschildrensvillages.org.uk/get-involved/help-build-chipata-village

Letter of Thanks from SOS Children

The whole of the horn of Africa region has been hit by the worst drought in 60 years which has left more than 11 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and the newly formed Republic of South Sudan in urgent need of food, water and emergency healthcare.

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