We aim to improve the education, health and welfare of disadvantaged people and communities in the United Kingdom. We host an array of the most innovative and unique events each year.

Since 2008


Quintessentially Foundation is the award winning and grant-giving arm of Quintessentially Group, providing funding and building awareness for UK registered charities.

Through mindful entrepreneurialism, our aim is to improve the welfare of disadvantaged communities and individuals, facilitating change and allowing dreams to become a reality. Established in 2008 - Quintessentially Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Quintessentially Group has raised over £13 million for charities through unique and innovative events.

Registered charity number: 1144584

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Since inception in 2008 Quintessentially Foundation has raised £13.9m for its partner charities as well as providing many other forms of support including volunteers, publicity and management advice. All this support has helped propel these charities along their missions to improve the outcomes for their beneficiaries. This work had endowed the Foundation with a rich body of knowledge about the needs of growing charities.
In the two or three years leading up to 2020 the Foundation had been reviewing its objectives and strategy in the light of this store of accumulated experience. We, the Trustees, had realised that the more engaged the Foundation became with our partner charities the more impact we had upon them. While making grants was often a first condition for success, we could do more to enable our partner charities to serve better their actual and target beneficiaries. These partner charities need many more forms of support other than money including advice on growth, mapping their target audience, resource planning, governance and volunteers.

Nowhere has the Foundation’s new thinking been better applied than with The Felix Project where the Foundation was a core partner in its formative years leading it to increase meals served from 3.5 m in 2018 to 21.1m in 2020 and to raise revenue from £2.19m in 2018 to £12.40 m in 2020. This experience encouraged the trustees to refresh our criteria for charity partnerships. These are now encapsulated in our mission statement.

Quintessentially Foundation seeks to be a transforming partner to effective ambitious scalable UK charities with a focus on human needs.

This will be achieved, as before, by generating funds (both through the Foundation and independently) to provide grants, donations and other forms of support to partner charities selected on criteria carefully considered by the trustees.
Coincident with this has come to the realisation that the Foundation ought to diversify the ways in which it raises money for our charities. We have been consistently successful in creating and realising innovative and imaginative events to raise money. These have included the Fayre of St James Christmas carol concert with a host of celebrity performers and the annual QF Bike Ride taking sponsored riders over challenging terrains across Europe. But with our refreshed mission the trustees recognised that the Foundation both could and should raise funds and re-sources for our charities by a wider range of means both actual and virtual.

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Please get in contact if you are interested in supporting or volunteering at a Quintessentially Foundation Event with details of how you would like to help and which event you are interested in supporting. 


Registered Charity Number: 1144584